Service Calls

Issues We Cover

Wild animals chewing wires at house.

Lightning damage to antenna

Defective Antenna or WIFI router

Re-Align antenna due to weather

Slow Speeds tested by tech wired at router

Remount antenna to same spot, after new roof installed. 

Defective wiring / bad connection

Billable Issues

WIFI Router Reset Button Pressed
(Additional $50 Fee)

Customer damaged wiring

Wires not plugged in or wired wrong / backwards.

Pets chewing / damaging wiring

Power surges with no surge protector strip used.

Antenna or router relocation at customer's request.

Slow Speeds over WIFI, but test fine when wired

Slow speed report, but tests fine by tech at POE Adapter, using wired test. 

Slow speeds when customer is using own WIFI router

Customer owned equipment

VPN connectivity / speed issues

Customer cuts wiring by mowing, gardening, digging, etc.

WIFI Password Change

WIFI Extender Used

Any networking or speeds beyond the Demarcation Point. 

Damage to antenna or equipment by people at residence.

Damage / cuts by animals due to customer not burring wire.