Install Information

Other Install Cost

Over 100+ ft Cat5e is .75 per ft
Routers Can Be Bought at Extra $100 or Rent it for extra $5.00 Per Month
MOCA Adapters:$200
Power Over Ethernet Adapters:$200
Wifi Extenders:$200

Wireless Install Information

Standard installation includes mounting of outdoor radio to house, up to 100 feet of cable, one exterior wall penetration.

Standard Install is $149.99 with no commitment or Free Install with a 2-year service commitment. 

‚ÄčAdditional Charges may apply for non-standard installation including yard post mount, longer cable runs, extending service to an outbuilding, etc. 

Autopay is Required

Paperless Auto-Pay allows you to stay on time with automatic payments. Bill comes out on 1st of Each Month and Taken out 20th Each Month

Approved Routers:

TP-Link AX1500-3000 Linksys Mesh Routers

Non Approved Routers

Any Netgear Routers (Do To Software Issues)

How Much Speed Do I Need:

Online activityBandwidth needed for 1-2 usersBandwidth needed for 3-4 users
Streaming music1 Mbps2 Mbps
General web browsing, email, social media1.5 Mbps3 Mbps
HD personal video chat (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc)3 Mbps6 Mbps
SD (Standard Definition) video streaming4 Mbps8 Mbps
Online gaming (multiplayer) 4 Mbps8 Mbps
HD (High Definition) video streaming5-8 Mbps10-16 Mbps
HD video teleconference6 Mbps12 Mbps
Downloading large files10 Mbps20 Mbps
Remote work/learning25 Mbps45 Mbps
Live TV Bandwidth RequirementsBandwidth needed for 1-2 usersBandwidth needed for 3-4 users
YouTube TV:
SD3 Mbps6-8Mbps
HD7 Mbps13-15Mbps
Sling TV:
SD5 Mbps5-10 Mbps
HD10-15 Mbps25-30 Mbps
SD3 Mbps6-8 Mbps
HD10-15 Mbps25-30 Mbps
Hulu + Live TV
SD8 Mbps10-20 Mbps
HD10-15 Mbps25-30 Mbps