Standard Install Includes wiring from outside to a wireless router.
$149.99 with Autopay $199.99 without Autopay
Free Install with 2 year Agreement

LTE Installs
$199.99 with 2 year agreement w/ Auto pay $299.99 with 2 year agreement w/o Auto pay

Non Line Of Sight Install for customers in areas with heavy trees

$199.99 with Autopay $299.99  without Autopay

$99.99 with Autopay or without Autopay $149.99 With 2 Year Agreement

Maintenance/Service $5.00 Per Month Will be added to each package

-Regular maintenance on all equipment and cables included

-Phone and on site service calls to fix connection issues included.

-Not included: damage caused by mechanical, electrical or other accidental or intended damages caused by improper use. i.e animal chewed cable, faulty outlet, spilled water on equipment.

Please Note 60Mbps Package May Not Be Available At All Towers. 



Download: 10 Mbps

Upload: 5 Mbps

Unlimited Data



Download: 25 Mbps

Upload 10Mbps

Unlimited Data



Download: 35 Mbps

Upload: 15 Mbps

Unlimited Data



Download: 60 Mbps

Upload: 20 Mbps

Unlimited Data

Miscellaneous Services

Static IP $10.00 per month with $15.00 setup fee
Router Management $5.00 Per Month
Additional E-Mail accounts $1.00/ea per month
Additional 50Mb Email Space $1.25/ea per month
Additional 100Mb Email Space $2.00/ea per month
Homeplug $150.00
Moca $200.00