Like many people out in the country, you may not have any options. Or they may be very scarce. We try to have a resoluction for that. 

Preferrable Locations

We want to help everyone out as much as we can. So we are introducing the leads program. For those that wish to receive service in an area that we do not yet cover. There are incentives to placing us in touch with the owner of an elevator or water-tower.

I am a farmer or part of a council, what’s in it for us?

Compensation will of course be provided for those that allow us on their locations. We have the option to receive comped internet service. Or a check monthly

I am a farmer, I have radios on my elevator and may have signed a contract.

In many cases this can be sorted out easily. You are ultimately the owner of the equipment and it is your choice. Our preferred option is to work with the ISP on the elevator first to attempt to work side by side.

What We Need To Get Started : Checklist

  • Our Proof Of Insurance will be sent over
  • Elevator or water tower will be inspected
  • Power must be available
  • At least 4 potential customers in the area interested.
  • A contact that has a relationship with the location.